Information/FAQ U6 – U11 Players


  • Training will be at allocated times to allow at least two teams of the same age group to share their session times. They can train separately or together as numbers, coach availability or training curriculum decides.
  • As of Mid-March Development squad training for selected age groups will also commence at Melwood. This is for those players wanting a second practice session to further their skills and team success.
  • Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) / Football Federation Australia (FFA) Grassroots Course – Coaching for New Sub Junior Coaches – dates and information will be posted to the website and FKFC Facebook page.

Team Muster

The main purpose of the Team Muster is to allow players & parents for U6, U7 & U8 to form themselves into teams. The teams have to nominate Coaches and Managers and establish training times for the playing season. Please make sure to save the date for this important event and allow as much time as necessary to meet other parents and conclude election of essential team roles. All coaches will receive an official club coach jacket and shorts.
FKFC will provide mentors (from the Club Committee) to assist with the day’s proceedings and answer questions as they arise.
(If no one volunteers for the roles of Coach and/or Manager, ‘recruitment’ of a player(s) with a parent(s) willing to fill these rolls may be necessary.  Also, as training time will primarily be determined by when the coach is available, and then by what is most suitable time to the majority, if the agreed time isn’t suitable for you, you may want to look at swapping to another team.)


  • We already have our team organised, do we have to come to the Team Muster?

Yes.  Until we have final registrations, we don’t know how many will be in a team, so this needs to remain variable and will be set on the day.  For example if you have a team of 11 in U8, and it ends up that there is another U8 team with only 8 players, one or two players from your team will have to move across to even up the numbers, as it is unfair for one team to only have 1 reserve and another 4.  Also, if there are new kids in the club/locality, and your team needs to have another player in it, it is easier for them to identify people they know visually.  Please print the attached form, complete with names and details where known and bring it along with you Muster Day.


  • My son/daughter wants to play with his/her friends, how does this occur?

At the Team Muster, the players/parents form themselves into teams. See

  • I can’t be there on Team Muster Day (formation day). What now?

Ask somebody else to represent you.

  • Do girls and boys play together in the same teams?

In U6- U9 the teams are mixed, and we try to have a few girls in each team.  For U10 and above there is a girls/womens competition on Sundays.  At this point the girls can stay in the mixed Saturday comp or move to the Sunday womens comp.  U9, and even U8 girls sometimes play in the Womens U10 team if space permits.

  • Is there grading and what is it?

Grading of teams and players commences from U10 based on ability and physical development. It is designed to place players into teams where they are participating in games commensurate with both their football skill and physical development. It is focused on allowing players to continue to develop their football ability without undue pressure. There is no “Grading” for U6 – U9 players.  The U8 and U9 ‘Teams’are graded…That is the teams are formed and play trial matches against each other and we grade the team based on this (not on individual performances, so kids still get to play with friends in these agegroups, irrespective of ability).  For more detail see:

  • What is a “First Division” Team?

The first division team is the strongest and most competitive team in the age group. All players try out for teams at grading and placed in the most suitable team for their ability at this point in time. In U-10 and up they are called the Red team.

  • How many players will be in each of the teams/squads?

Recommended team sizes are generally as follows:

U6 & U7:  9-13 players

U8 & U9:  8-11 players

U10 & U11: 10-13 players.

To ensure all players in the U6-U11 age groups get reasonable playing time MWFA limits the number of players in a team.  If your team has more than the maximum number of players please complete the “Sub Junior Team Number Declaration Form”

  • What size field do we play on?

U6 and U7 play small sided games (SSG) on a quarter of a field. Each team has four players, no goalie with pop-up goals. Each squad forms 2 teams on match day and both play games. U8 & U9 play on a half sized pitch with small goals and a goalie, 7 a side.

U10 & U11- play on a 3/4 pitch with goals and a Goal keeper, 9 aside. See

  • Who do we play?

We only play clubs from within the Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA) area stretching from Mosman to Pittwater.

  • Where do we play?

Usually, most games are in Warringah with the occasional game in Manly, Mosman or Pittwater. Ie all games are relatively close by.

U6  – all games are played in rotation at Lional Watts, Wyatt Ave, Beacon Hill and Melwood only. See

  • When do we play?

All games are played Saturday morning, with most games kicking off between 8:30 and 10:45, with a few games with an 11:30 kickoff and a very occasional game with a kickoff at 12:30.

  • What is the U6-U8 development squad?

It is for those kids (boys and girls) who show a greater interest in the game and wish to have a second weekly practice session. It is open to all and free.

  • What if my child wants to get really serious about his/her football?

We will work hard to provide plenty of opportunity to develop the player’s skill to the best level within our club. However, MWFA and others will offer extra coaching sessions and, later in the season, try outs for some of the Representative Squads which begins at U9.

  • When will we get the new uniform / playing strip?

At the team muster, if it has arrived, else through the team manager or coach. The club will supply a full new kit to newly registered players only from U6 to U11. All other players will receive a jersey only. Socks and shorts can be purchased as and if required form the club uniform shop.

  • What are the tasks of the team manager?

Communication to ensure everybody is in the loop and looked after. This includes: Collate a list of players and parent contact details. Send out notes and updates on club events during the season and organise to man the BBQ for one day during the season. Provide at least one Match Report with digital photos of a match. Let everybody know when a game is cancelled due to wet weather. Preferably organise 2 team/parent get togethers throughout the season.  Make sure everybody’s needs are addressed.

  • What are the tasks of the coach?

Be there at training and games times. Teach the kids good football and good community values. See

  • How do I become a Coach or Manager?

On the team formation day, nominate yourself.

  • What assistance do you provide to Coaches/Managers?

There is a Coaches and Managers information session planned pre-season for U6-U11 coaches and managers.  Also, MWFA run coaching courses for coaches, U6- U9 is “Grassroots”and is 3 hours one evening.  More information will be available at the Information session, or at

  • Where is training/practice?

The grounds at Melwood oval or Killarney Heights oval are available. Your team will decide.

  • What / where is Melwood?

Melwood refers to our home ground being the three large sports fields accessed from Melwood Avenue, signposted by the large roadside board with the club name and logo. See

  • What is my registration fee for?

See the detailed break up of fee monies when you register. A large portion is for Football Australia, Football NSW and Manly Warringah Football Association and contributes towards running all the competitions, referees and administration. The club receives some monies for the supply of Club playing strips (shirts), training gear, field hire, insurance and other running expenses. We are a non-profit sporting organisation and all committee are unpaid volunteers.

  • What else do we need to purchase?

Shinpads and soccer/football boots.

  • Parent Involvement –what am I expected to contribute?

For each child registered with FKFC, at least 2 hours of service should be donated in the service of the club.  This is usually done by helping in the canteen or doing ground setup/pulldown, or coaching or managing a team.