Coaches and Managers

All of our coaching is delivered by volunteers. At the beginning of each season, once teams are decided, parents and carers of players need to decide amongst themselves who will coach their team during the season.

Please note that ALL coaches and Managers have to complete a Working With Children Check. Please click here for more information and how to apply.

Whether you stepped forward waving your arms with unboundable enthusiasm, or whether you had your arm twisted across your back – you are now the one responsible for the development of every player in that team. Whether they learn to enjoy and love the game, whether they learn to play to the best of their potential – you are now a key influence!

But rest assured support from Forest Killarney Football Club is only a click away at: Coach and Player Development


It is the coach’s job to coach the team, his or her decision is final. Please parents, allow your coach to do the job without undue interference, especially with younger players. It maybe confusing for them to be trying to listen to both their coach and parents from the sidelines. By all means applaud and encourage them but try your best not to interfere while they are playing. Coaches responsibilities include:

  • Arrange & conduct suitable training sessions to increase football skills of players in your team;
  • Ensure equitable rotation of all players during the season;
  • Ensure players warm-up/down exercise on game day;
  • Encourage players attend all training sessions and arrive at matches at least 30 minutes prior to kick-off;
  • Encourage fair play, team cohesion, commitment & fun;
  • Insist that no player question or abuse Refs/Linesmen and they shake hands with the opposition at full time;
  • Alert the Referee to any on-field dangers (potholes etc.). Do not let a player take the field for a game or at training if you are concerned about their health or well-being;
  • Limit training in the in-goal area, cones or corner posts can simulate goals just as easily.


The manager’s job is to ensure that things run smoothly, and that all players arrive at the correct location at the right time and to organise rosters for bringing half-time refreshments; oranges / other refreshments for the whole team on game days and arrange a shirt-washing roster with the players or parents. The Managers responsibilities include:

  • Providing a team list & games draw to parents/players;
  • Distribute Club and team information;
  • Monitor Club website & Facebook and distribute information to players/parents/coach;
  • Communicate game times / training times and venues;
  • Distribute any fundraising material and collect monies;
  • Communicate Code of Conduct to Players & Parents;
  • ID cards provided for U12 upwards, Coach and Manager must have ID cards displayed on matchday;
  • Provide match story/photos to