Committee Member – John Brady

John Brady is one of FKFC Committee members and currently holds the role of Club Registrar. John is just coming to the end of a hard few months processing the club’s registrations and working tirelessly to ensure all player’s paperwork is submitted to FFA in time for the new winter season. We are sure many if you have had John assist you with the ins and outs of the FFA online registrations system! John’s excellent skills ensuring all our club registrations are processed in time for the Winter Season is a massive task. We asked John a few questions about how he came to be involved with the club:
Tell us a bit about how you first go involved with Forest Killarney Football Club? I’m originally from Dublin but have been living in Sydney for the last 8 years. A large number of my friends live in teh area so we decided to join the club three years ago to see if we could still play soccer!
When did you first join the committee and in what role? I joined the committee two years ago as Registrar. One of the other committee members Pete sightly twisted by arm but since joining I have really enjoyed being part of the community and helping the club grow to it’s full potential.
What has been one of your highlights of working with the club? It has been fantastic seeing the club numbers grow over the last couple of years and working with the committee to come up with ideas to grow the club and extend our offering like the summer comp – Forest Summer Football.