Committee Member – Peter Foster

Peter Foster is one of FKFC’s newest committee members and has come on board as the Business Development Manager. Peter has hit the ground running and successfully managed the introduction of the new Barista service at the club canteen, which has been a huge success. He played for the over 35’s from 2010-2013 and has been the manager of his son’s U7 football team for past 2 years. Please look out for Peter at the club – he loves to meet new people and enjoys talking about his ideas for the club’s future.

We asked Peter a few questions about how he came to be involved with the club:

Tell us a bit about how you first go involved with Forest Killarney Football Club? I moved to the northern beaches with my family in 2009 after relocating from the UK. Joining the local football club enabled us to meet and get to know locals and be part of the community and I then began playing football alongside many of the current committee members.
When did you first join the committee and in what role? I joined the committee only two months ago after sharing a lot of my ideas with other members about the ways in which we could develop the club to generate more income. Before I knew it I was on board with the title of Business Manager!
What has been one of your highlights of working with the club? Witnessing the enormous success of the summer comp last year makes me feel very excited about the other events we can organise in the future. I have loved being involved in the new barista service and excited to see where that can lead and am already planning to increase the range and quality of food offered. With the new BBQ, marquee and flags I think it has given the club a new feel and it is wonderful to be part of such a special community who are all committed to future plans and developments of FKFC.