Competition rules

Forest Summer Football competition rules can be viewed or downloaded below:

2017 2018 Summer Football Regulations

Although unlikely to change significantly, the 2018/2019 rules will be published here as soon as they become available from Football NSW.

RULE OF THE DAY: Goalkeepers….

The Goal-Keeper is a normal player except in the penalty area where he can handle the ball.
The Goal-Keeper can kick the ball where he likes including kicking a goal for his team from his own penalty area if he has saved the ball.
If the ball goes out over the goal line for a goal kick/throw though he cannot kick or throw the ball over the half way line.
For Teams in the Under 6’s & Under 7’s – they do not have a designated Goal-Keeper and any child who stays in the penalty area when play is nowhere near their goal should be advised by the Referee to get involved where the ball is being played.