These are the CONFIRMED TIMES for the Summer Football Competition games.
Some have been adjusted by a few mins so please double check your age groups and note the new times as necessary.
4.30pm – U6 and U7’s
5.10pm – U8 boys
5.50pm – U9 boys
6.20pm – Girls U8/9 and U10/11
6.55pm – U16/18 Girls and U12/13 Girls
7.40pm – U14/15 boys and U14/15 girls
8.25pm – O35 women and AL Women and Boys U16/17/18
5.00pm – U12/13 boys
5.45pm – U10/11 boys
7.15pm – O35/AL Mens
8.00pm – Finish..
Kit Collection is on Monday 2nd October between 5 and 7pm at the FKFC Clubhouse at Melwood Oval, Forestville.
Please ensure one representative from your team is there to collect the team kit bag.
If you have any queries please email