Forest Summer Football – FAQs


Q: How many players are in a team?

For the U6 & U7 age groups, it is 4 a-side (with no goalies)
For all other ages it is 6 a-side
You can have as many as you like registered to a team but the recommendation is to have at least 2 subs.
Mixed teams are welcome but they have to play at the allocated times for the male games in that age group.

Q: What happens if I don’t have a team to join or cannot form my own team?

Players who do not have a full team should NOT register but instead contact the competition administrator.

Forest Summer Football is structured to encourage players to form their own team from amongst their friends or winter team mates. If you do not have a team to join (or cannot form your own team) please email: with the following details: Name, Gender, DOB, playing history (include latest division if applicable) and contact details. We will contact you when we are able to find a team looking for an additional player.

Q: What do we do if we can’t form a full team?

Players who do not have a full team should NOT register until they have one.

Please contact the competition administrator ( with details of your requirements (team name, names of current team members, number of additional players required and age group) and your contact details and we will endeavour to match you up with players looking for teams.

Q: How do I register for Summer Soccer?

You must form a team prior to registering.  Both TEAM pre-registration and individual PLAYER registration is required.

1. TEAM Pre-registration:
To pre-register your team, the online Team Pre-registration form MUST be completed by your manager (or on behalf of the manager).

2. PLAYER Registration:
Player registrations will be open in early July, however please complete step 1 above to pre-register your team.  Although Team Pre-registration does not guarantee entry into Forest Summer Soccer, it will assist greatly by fast-tracking approval of individual player registration, as all players must be allocated to a team before any approval is done.

At the end of your player registration after payment, you will be asked two questions:
1. What is the name of your Forest Summer Football team? – please list your team name.
2. What is the name and contact details (email & tel) of your Forest Summer Football Team Manager? – please provide your team managers name and contact details.
Once all your team members have registered they will be grouped together according to the team they have specified.

NB: You may need to enable pop ups on your computers to see the final two questions in the registration process. If you have any problems with this please email

Once team pre-registration is complete and all individual players have registered, all players in the team are approved subject to availability in the competition for that age group.

Q: I don’t know my FFA number

To register for Forest Summer Football you will need an FFA number. If you have played Winter football at FKFC or another club since 2010 you would have had to register with an FFA number.

Go to MyFootballClub website and follow the prompts. Click here.

Q: I don’t have an FFA number

If you have not previously played club football and require an FFA number go to MyFootballClub website and follow the prompts to register for an FFA number. Click here.

Q: I am unsure of which age group to register for.

Age groups for 2017/2018 Forest Summer Football are the same as in the 2017 Winter Competition. ie: U11’s are players turning 11 anytime in 2017.

Q: I am unsure about which registration fee to choose.

When registering you will be asked to choose between two fee levels within your age group:
“has 2018 Winter rego”
– select this option if you have already played Winter football with FKFC or another club. It means you are already insured under your previous registration which is valid for the year.
“NO 2018 Winter registration” – select this option if you have not played Winter football this year. It will ensure that you are insured to play.
All players must be insured to play so please choose the correct fee level.


Q: I am not sure how to find Forest Summer Football on the registration site.

Once you have entered your FFA number and password on the MyFootball Club website, you are in your profile. Click on “Register” at the top of the page next to your FFA number. Check the details on your profile page are correct and then click next at the bottom of the page. You then need to select “Forest Killarney Football Club”. This will be automatically selected if you already play for the club. However if you play Winter football with another club you will need to change this. Once selected you will be given the various age group and options for Forest Summer Football.

Q: Where is the link to your registration site?

Go to the bottom of the Forest Summer Football page where you will find a link to MyFootballClub registration website. Please ensure you have read all the information regarding registration prior and only register if you have already formed a full team.

Q: When will matches be held? 

All matches will be played on Monday and Friday evenings between 4.30-8.30. Times are subject to the number of teams registered to play. You will be notified when registrations are closed and the draw is done as to when your team will be playing.

PLEASE NOTE:  These times on Mondays and Fridays are NOT confirmed for 2018/19 yet, however they do provide a rough indication of which age groups play on particular evenings, and the order of games according to age groups.


4.30pm – U6 and U7’s (no change)
5.15pm – U8 boys
5.55pm – U9 boys
6.25pm – Girls U8/9 and U10/11
7.00pm – U16/18 Girls and U12/13 Girls
7.45pm – U14/15 boys and U14/15 girls
8.30pm – O35 women and AL Women and Boys U16/17/18


5.00pm – U12/13 boys
5.45pm – U10/11 boys
7.15pm – O35/AL Mens
8.00pm – Finish and bar open!

Teams must be ready 15 minutes before start time as the change over times are tight.

Q: Where can I find the full details regarding Forest Summer Football 2018/19?

For more full details of Forest Summer Football and details of where to register visit our Summer Football page here.

If you have any further queries regarding Forest Summer Football or registration please contact the competition administrator:


Q: How can I find details of the Draw and Match results?

Please click here to be directed to the draw and match results.
NOTE: This draw is from the 2017/18 competition.  The new draw will be available after registrations have closed (estimated to be around early September).

Q: Where are the matches held?

All matches will be held on Melwood Oval, mainly on the all-weather Playing Fields 1 and 2. Details of your match location will be listed on the draw (click here). Please refer to the maps below to find your exact pitch location:


A site map will also be on display at Melwood Oval on competition nights. Managers will need to ensure their teams are aware of the exact match location as change-over times are tight.

Q: How long are the matches?

U6 and U7 :         2 x 12 minute halves
U8 – U11:           2 x 12 minute halves
U12 – U16:         2 x 15 minute halves
U17 and older:    2 x 20 minute halves
Half-time duration is limited to a maximum of 2 minutes

Q: Does our team need to provide a referee?

No – Forest Summer Football provide a referee for every match.

Q: Who records the match results?

The referee will record the match results. Team managers are encouraged to also keep a record of the score and report it to the marshalling tent after the game. Results will be updated online within 24 hours.

Q: Where can I find the competition rules?

Please click the link below to view a pdf of the full competition rules.
2017 2018 Summer Football Regulations

This will be updated with 2018/2019 rules once they are provided to us by the governing body Football NSW.

Q: We do not have a complete team available for one of our matches. Can we borrow from another team?

Yes – you may borrow a spare player from another team in your age group or from up to two age groups below your own. However players must be registered players of Forest Summer Football tournament. Players who are not registered to play in the competition may not take part.

Q: Will matches be cancelled if it is raining? 

No – Melwood is an all-weather playing field so matches will go on despite the weather unless it is considered unsafe. If for some reason there is a requirement to cancel the match a message will be posted on the FKFC Facebook page.

Q: What are the dates of the competition? When does it break for the holidays?

The competition is likely to run from Mid September to the end of February with a break for the October school holidays and the Christmas holidays. The finals will take place in the last two weeks of the competition – all dates will be confirmed soon.

Q: Does our team need to wear Forest Summer Football kit for all matches?

Yes – Your team will be issued with a coloured Forest Summer Football top, a black pair of shorts and a pair of black socks. All teams in your age group will be issued a different coloured top to identify them so please ensure all team members wear their kit to all matches.

Q: Do players need to wear soccer boots and shin pads?

Shin pads are compulsory to help prevent injuries. Soccer boots are recommended.

Q: When will our team receive their kit?

Team managers will be requested to collect all team kits from the FKFC clubhouse – we will announced the date nearer the time.

Q: Will the canteen and club house be open on competition nights? 

Yes – Forest Summer Football is social family competition. The canteen will be serving hot food and the club house bar will be open for drinks, so stay after the match and enjoy the long summer evenings with friends, family and team mates.

If you have any further queries regarding Forest Summer Football or registration please contact the competition administrator: