Registration fees for both MWFA Winter and our FKFC Summer soccer competitions include a premium for the standard Football NSW insurance policy.

The insurance plan extends to provide coverage to the following Insured Persons who are registered and authorised to act in such roles:

  • Registered Playing Members
  • Referees
  • Non-Playing Officials
  • team managers
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • masseurs
  • committee members
  • directors
  • office bearers
  • administrators
  • employees
  • executive officers
  • selectors
  • ball boys
  • medical officers
  • physiotherapists
  • ambulance officers
  • co-opted voluntary workers
  • other match officials of the insured.
We recommend that players and coaches review the full policy and consider private health insurance and possibly a top-up of the standard policy.
Here is a link to the insurer’s website with information on the policy.
If you want to make a claim, here is the link to the claim procedures page, including the claim form or you can make an online claim.
The Club Vice-President is the firsty contact to authorise the claim once a player has completed the form(s).
You are advised to action any claim ASAP and you need to submit the claim to the insurer within 120 days of when the injury occurred.