Rich In Health – NEW SPONSOR

FKFC is delighted to welcome Rich in Health as our new sponsor for our Summer Football Competition.

RICH IN HEALTH is a 100% Vegetable protein powder suitable for Vegan and Vegetarians.

Our protein originates from naturally grown Peas without the need for artificial fertilizers or irrigation. Once processed using a specially chemicial free , water based method they resulting dried powder has a concentrated protein that is 100% Bio-available and has a balanced amino acid profile greater than any other vegetable based protein powder.

Vegetarians and vegans will benefit greatly from incorporating Rich in Health protein powder into their daily diet as its wonderful flavour and easy mixing makes is highly suitable for inclusion into meals and shakes guaranteeing essential protein levels are maintained for a healthier lifestyle.The protein bio availability is ensured by a patented enzyme process that allows access to the complete amino acid profile.

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Tel: +61 2 9938 5444