Training and Field Allocations

Forest Killarney Football Club teams are allocated Melwood and Killarney Ovals for training. We have over 1100 registered players in 80 teams all requiring access to fields for training. The following guidelines are in place to ensure equitable use and that all FKFC players have an opportunity to train on the synthetic pitches at Melwood.

Monday to Friday, Melwood 1 & 2 (the synthetic pitches) are allocated as follows:

  • U6–U9 teams from 3:30–5:00pm
  • U10–U14 teams 5:00–7:00pm
  • U15 and older from 7:00–9:00pm
  • The fields are divided into quarters as training areas
  • All teams will have the opportunity for one training session on Melwood 1 & 2 per week
  • Once ALL teams have been allocated a time, remaining open spots in the schedule may be allocated to allow teams a 2nd session on Melwood 1 & 2

Melwood 3 (the natural grass field) and Killarney Oval training areas may be allocated to any team without restrictions of age group times or multiple sessions.

Field Allocation Timetable

The following link shows allocated training times and locations and diagram of Melwood and Killarney grounds divided into training areas on each field.

Booking a training time

Follow this procedure to book a training time:

  1. Check ground/time availability by clicking on the link above.
  2. Consult with coach/team as to possible nights and times for training. Please be flexible and request multiple suitable times.
  3. Email with:
    1. Contact name and number
    2. Team age and name as assigned by the club (e.g. ‘U6 Sharks’, ‘WU10 Rubies’, U12-1, etc…)
    3. Requested ground(s), night(s) and time(s)

NOTE: No email reply will be sent; please wait for schedule to be updated and published.

  1. Age Coordinators will be notified when the schedule is published to the website.
  2. Request any further changes by repeating Step 1 above.

Important General Notes

  • Check your team’s allocation carefully and direct any questions to your Age Coordinator.
  • Keep to your allocated time & location.
  • Some fields and times are congested — please be respectful to all teams training. Coaches are encouraged to work with each other to ensure fair and equitable use of the grounds.
  • Multiple teams may combine their training areas for squad training in a larger space. It is recommended that same age teams train at the same times to facilitate this.
  • Teams who train multiple times a week can use their time on Melwood 1 & 2 for technical sessions, and use Killarney or Melwood 3 for fitness-based sessions or larger games where more space is required.
  • To have the floodlights turned on, contact the club President or Equipment Manager. Contacts page
  • Training gear should be placed neatly back into the storage container in the designated area for each type of equipment. Please report any training gear loss or damage to the Equipment Manager.
  • Pre-season training is limited to those fields/dates allocated to the club by Council and under the Guidelines of conditions of use.