Juniors Team Submission

U6-U11 (Mixed and Girls) If you are a returning team, wish to play with friends or have a full team already formed, please download the Team Submission form and send it to your age Coordinator  PRIOR to 01/03/21. Your age co-ordinator will then assign you a team name, reach out regarding training preferences and communicate key events such as coaches and managers nights. We will only accept via email completed forms (ie whole teams). 

It is imperative that on this form the manager’s contact details (Mobile and Email) are complete along with accurate player information. 

If you are not already part of a team please stay tuned for the clubs upcoming Muster Day where we will form new teams for all players.

All players are encouraged to register quickly as it helps with the team allocation process.

Please send your forms to the below age co-ordinators and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

U6-U8 Mixed Stephen Calacouras vice.president@fkfc.com.au
U9-11 Mixed Karen Doherty vp.junior.boys@fkfc.com.au
Girls 8-11 Nina Sallenave vp.junior.girls@fkfc.com.au