60th Year Anniversary

In 2022, Forest Killarney Football Club will be celebrating its 60th Year Anniversary!

As part of the celebrations, we have decided to listen to our community and their opinions from our survey earlier this year about the club going forward. As well as relaunching our club’s Social Media, which you would have seen if you follow our Facebook and/or Instagram, there was a big outcry for a modernised logo for the club, amongst other things.

As a football club that places so much emphasis on community and family, we have decided to leave it up to YOU!

We are requesting that people submit ideas, whether they be rough drawings or other club’s logos, for our FKFC committee to vote on.

There will be 10 logos chosen out of all the submissions which will again be put forward to you, the FKFC community, to vote on their favourite concept/idea.

We are also looking at designing a new Away strip. We ask that you try have a crack at this too, preferably focusing on using the club Black and Green, and if you are feeling audacious, try squeezing in Royal Blue for an old Killarney Soccer Club throwback!

Please send all submissions to communications@fkfc.com.au, as well as any ideas you may have for the 60th Year Anniversary such as how we could celebrate it, or what we could get made for our members, e.g. scarves, polos, retro kits, etc.

For some Jersey, Logo, and Retro inspiration, check out the drop box link here –> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cjpeiz1937rir26/AADbmE-J1aKPBWgWJvuMbNcxa?dl=0

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