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WAL1 Round 8 Match Review

FKFC v CC Strikers | Round 8 | Melwood

2-0 (Andrews, Ramsay)

This past Sunday, the WAL1s took on CC Strikers A team, a much anticipated game since their narrow loss to penalty shootouts last season in the grand finals. Simone Conly and left winger Madeleine Batkin-Walkerden created dangerous opportunities for CC’s defence straight off the bat, finding their way into the box within the first 30 seconds of the whistle being blown.

The score remained at a 0-0 deadlock until striker duo Jade Andrews-Little and Amy Ross-Hodges took the field in force navigating the middle of the field. A swift cut-back to the penalty spot by Amy had Jade tap the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal with ease and had FKFC 1-0 up before half time.

CC Strikers came back strong and heavy on attack for the second half but goalkeeper Hayley Austin was a force to be reckoned with, saving every shot on goal. CC’s wide-field play was no match for left and right backs, Rachael Brian and Sai van Wegan, flawlessly intercepting plays and creating easy opportunities to get the ball back to the middle of the field for holding midfielder Kelsey Hocking who opened the play once again for wingers Lani Colling and Chloe Dejean.

Amy once again showed her vision is one of pure excellence. After facing defensive troubles in the penalty box, she cleared the ball outside the box to Lizzie Ramsay who delivered with a flawless overhead ball, out of reach of any interception and hitting the top right corner of the goal bringing FKFC to a safe 2-0.

The rest of the game saw CC Strikers force forward with excellent attacking plays, however under the guidance of centre back duo Renee Hough and Beth Teather, FKFC were able to secure the 2-0 win.

The WAL1s will next play at Nolan Reserve at 3pm against Harbord FC on the 13th of June. Thankyou to CC Strikers for a great game, and to Danny and Armando Panetta for their winning-quality coaching.

WAL1 Match Review Round 5 – CC STRIKERS

FKFC v CC Strikers 1-3 (Andrews-Little)

1PM Sunday, May 9 | Melwood 1

After an emotional tribute to those who have lost their lives to battles with mental health, the WAL1s were ready to take on the field. With missing centre-backs Renee Hough and Beth Teather, a change in the backline saw Emma Austin, Sai van Wegan and holding midfielder Kelsey Hocking directing the backline and regular and spectacular fullbacks Rachael Brian and Lani Colling.

An early opportunity had striker Jemima Breusch dribbling her way through the box to take a shot on a goal that only narrowly hit the post. Unfortunately, this was quickly met with a loose ball opportunity in the Forest goal box, allowing for cracks in the defence and seeing Forest go down 1-0. Soon after, a corner shot gave the CC Strikers forwards an excellent opportunity, heading the ball into the net, only just missing goalkeeper Hayley’s Austin’s reach.

A quick formation change before half-time saw all-star duo Simone Conly and Lizzie Ramsey take the field in force down the middle of the pitch working with centre-mid Madeleine Batkin-Walkerden, and alternating wingers Cara Low, Lina van Hamond and Chloe Dejean, who missed no runs, turning every through ball into opportunities and letting no-ball leave the pitch without a fight.

We could expect nothing less from Jade Andrews-Little, who took an opportunity on a loose ball in the midfield and executed a straight-line run for the goal, perfectly tapping the ball into the back of the goal, out of reach from the CC Striker goalkeeper. Unfortunately, the WAL1s did not recover from CC Strikers play, eventually going down 3-1 for their first loss of the season.

Player of the match: Kelsey Hocking

We will next see the WAL1s at Cromer Park this Sunday at 5 pm for their first round of state cup against Banksia Tigers The WAL1s, coaches Danny and Armando Panetta, and manager Morag Austin would again like to pay their tributes to friends and family of Connor Noble for which a minute of silence was held, in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives to battles with mental health. Thank you also to CC Strikers for joining in on this opportunity.

Remember, it is not weak to speak. Remember it is okay not to be okay, and most of all, remember his name, Connor Noble

WAL1 Round 4 Victory vs Manly Vale

Round 4 Match Review vs Manly Vale (3-1 Victory) | Played at David Thomas

After some serious bonding activities performed last week, the WAL1 team was prepared to take the pitch in force this last Sunday against Manly Vale B team at David Thomas Reserve Striker Amy Ross-Hodges, straight off the bat was eager to make an early impact, snatching every ball she could to create opportunities for an early Forest goal.

Unfortunately, Manly Vale was able to sneak a goal early in the game after a loose ball was knocked into the Forest goal. Under the wise guidance of star goal-keeper Hayley Austin, defenders Sai van Wegan, Rachael Brian and Lani Colling continued to deliver winning balls to the midfield eventually reaching Simone Conly, who showed her usual effortless footwork dribbling past 2 defenders and striking a firm ball on the ground to equalise the score to 1-1.

The devil works hard, but Jemima Breusch and Lina van Hamond work harder, by brilliantly navigating the penalty box, resulting in a fast 1-2 pass, just escaping the Manly Vale defenders and Lina flawlessly tapping the ball into the back of the net. 2-1 to FKFC at half time. Centre-back duo Renee Hough and Beth Teather worked mercilessly to reset the plays for hanging midfielder Emma Austin and playmaker Lizzie Ramsay, allowing wingers Chloe Dejean and Maddie Batkin-Walkerden to knock the ball around looking for an entrance to the goal.

In a show-stopping special, Jade Andrews-Little made the ball work for her and crossed a gravity-defying ball from the far left wing into to the top right corner of the goal to finish the WAL1s with a 3-1 win. Thank-you to Manly Vale B team for being very worthy opponents. Thank-you as usual to coaches Danny and Armando Panetta, to all friends and family who came to support and to Martin King for taking some brilliant pictures.

The WAL1 team will be next playing on the 9th of May against CC Strikers B team at Melwood at 1pm.

Photos by Martin King –>

Written by Pepsi

WAL1 Match Review Round 2

FKFC WAL1 v Curl Curl FC | Melwood, Sunday April 18 | 1-1

Coach, Danny Panetta and captain, Lizzie Ramsey led a strong WAL1 fight against Curl Curl FC today at Melwood for their second game of the season. The first half involved a vicious fight for possession in the midfield with both sides showing strength and persistence.

Midfielder, Simone Conly worked hard in the midfield showing a very strong CCFC goal keeper the true extent of her ball mastery. Playmaker Lizzie Ramsay continued to create opportunities in the midfield which were met with great runs and ankle-breaking trickery by wingers Cara Low and Jade Andrews-Little. Also a key player to the game was holding midfielder Kelsey Hocking, who never backed down from getting herself between an opposing player and the ball to ensure no balls were won by CCFC. Unfortunately, a loose ball in the box was struck by a CCFC player creating a challenging opportunity for our defenders and hitting the back of the net.


In the second half, CCFC continued to play a great game, but was no match for FKFC goalkeeper Hayley Austin who played an even greater game. The audience was kept on their toes with Hayley knocking some challenging top-bin shots out of the goals. The second half saw our girls come back with a through ball by Chloe Dejean and an excellent 1-2 pass between Jemima Breusch and Amy Ross-Hodges to see Amy bring the score back to 1-1.

After an equalising score, with both teams not wanting to go down without a fight, the FKFC defenders, Rachael Brian, Lani Colling, Renee Hough, Emma Austin and Monique Kleiner put up an excellent fight clearing the ball from the defensive line to see our girls finish with a draw 1-1 score. Thankyou to CCFC for a challenging game and great sportsmanship. We look forward to playing you again. Also thankyou to parents, partners and other keen FKFC fans for coming to watch and support. Thankyou also to assistant coaches Armando Panetta, and Duncan Kerr who continue to offer valuable advice and assistance to Danny.

Our FKFC WAL1s will not be playing next weekend due to the Anzac Day public holiday, but we look forward to their next game, on the 2nd of May at 1pm at David Thomas Reserve, and their state cup debut at Cromer Park at 5pm on the 16th of May.

Player of the Match: Hayley Austin

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