Coaching Your Team


Please click HERE to access all the information you and your manager will need to know. You will be invited to a pre-season information evening  where the club will go through this information with you.

Please note that ALL Coaches and Managers will have to complete a Working With Children Check. Click here for the link to the form on the FootballNSW site.


As a coach you need to confirm with the Ground Coordinator the time and date you wish to train your team. You will be allocated an area of either Melwood or Killarney fields. Click HERE for more details.

If you are a new coach please bear in mind the following three important principles. Every year a few isolated incidents occur in such areas – often with new coaches.


You cannot give your more capable players more game time than your less capable players. How you choose to make this work is up to you. So for individual matches some players may play longer than others – but over the course of the season everyone must be treated equally. This is part of our constitution and reflects our commitment to the development and enjoyment of all players – not just the most talented.


If you are coaching a sub-junior or junior team, then remember that the development of your players is more important than winning. Berating players, humiliating players, shouting or even swearing at players is absolutely not acceptable behaviour. Your goal as coach should be to nurture and encourage such that at the end of the season your players are better skilled and have a deeper love of the game than when the season started.


As coach you are a role model for your players. You should instil in them the desire to play fair, even if faced with a team that isn’t playing to the same standards as you. On no circumstances should you question a referee’s decision or challenge a referee’s decision. Referees do make wrong decisions sometimes – it’s up to you to help your players understand that that is part of the game. We encourage parents to let us know if they feel that any of these principles are being transgressed – for the sake of the players.


Forest Killarney Football Club is committed to the development of every one of our players and team resources. Our Coaches and Managers are an essential influence in ensuring our players learn to enjoy and love the game and to play to the best of their potential. Included in the table below are coaching planners designed to guide you in training routines for Under 6 through to Under 11 age groups;

Key Messages for Younger PlayersBasic Coaching Concepts for up to Under 7
First Touch Ball ControlTraining Session Planners up to U8
Fun Team Coaching Routine 1Training Session Planner U9 - U10
Fun Team Coaching Routine 2 Training Session Planner U11 - U12
Fun Team Coaching Routine 3Training Session Planner U13 - U14
Fun Team Coaching Routine 4 Training Session Planner U15 - U16
Fun Team Coaching Routine 5Generic Player Field Positions
Small Sided Football - Information for Parents


It is the desire of FKFC to allow only those coaches with the correct level of coaching certification to coach that age group concerned. From 2015 onwards it is expected that if you do not hold the correct certificate you will not be able to register as a coach. FKFC advise that in the coming season:

  • All coaches are to attend a Grass Roots Coaches training session or preferably a coaching license course appropriate for the age that they are coaching.
  • All 1st Division coaches are to hold a coaching license or to agree to attend an appropriate course as soon as possible during the year.
  • Coaches who gain their coaching licence during the season will be eligible to receive an official club coach’s jacket (note that a Grass Roots Certificate will not entitle you to a jacket).
  • All licensed coaches will be provided with additional kit corresponding with the equipment used in the coaching licence course.
  • The Team List should only include players names, phone contacts and email addresses – agreed by players or parents.

Details of training courses will be posted to the MWFA Website and FKFC FACEBOOK or available from FKFC Committee Age group Coordinators and Coaching Manager.