The Codes of Conduct and behaviour are derived from the Governing body (FFA) and Competition Association (MWFA) and Individual Club. The Codes of Conduct and behaviour apply to club members, parents, players, volunteers, officials and spectators.

The full documents can be downloaded here: Codes of Conduct and behaviour linked documents.

The Club invites members to provide feedback on matters they feel is of a nature that requires Club Committee review/investigation and/or intervention. Such feedback will be handled ion accordance with the Compliments and Complaints handling procedure guidelines. The Feedback Form can be downloaded here: Compliment and complaint feedback form.

The following key context of the Club Code of Conduct is intended equally for players as well as Managers, Coaches and supporters. It is aimed at encouraging both individual and team sportsmanship on the field as well as on the sideline.
Your Club is committed to promoting the game of football through the promotion of a professional image. Sportsmanship and positive attitude costs nothing and achieves everything.

The Referee’s decision is final and based on his/her interpretation of play. PLEASE ACCEPT THE DECISION AS FINAL, whether you think it right or wrong, show due respect and get on with the game. The Referee should, in fact, be thanked for his/her contribution to the game at its conclusion.

The Club DOES NOT support swearing at, sledging or criticism of Referees, opposition players or their supporters. These actions reflect on the team as a whole, and in turn on the Club and are NOT acceptable.
Individual efforts should be directed toward a team result. Offer positive encouragement and support to your team-mates both on and off the field.
Supporters are encouraged to offer POSITIVE SUPPORT to their team as much as they like, however PLEASE LEAVE coaching and player instruction to the Coach only.

You become an ambassador of the Club when you wear our playing strip, so please remember your responsibility and PROMOTE THE IMAGE OF THE CLUB THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS.
Leave any on-field incidents, on the field, at the conclusion of the game.
Skillful play by players of either team should be duly acknowledged.
Play by the rules of the game. Observe sportsmanship and fair play, and play to win.

PLEASE NOTE: Violent play should be rejected by the team as a whole, as Forest Killarney Football Club deems it COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.
Please remember, continued failure to comply with the Code could result in the cancellation, or suspension, of registration and/or membership. More information can be read here: Judicial Process