1. Forest Summer Football is a SOCIAL competition and as such we expect good sportsmanship both on and off the field from players, managers, coaches, parents and spectators.
  2. Referees are appointed to all matches and are directed to report any misconduct from teams or their spectators.  The Technical Director of the competition will address instances of misconduct appropriately, and in serious circumstances may include loss of competition points, match bans and/or exclusion from the competition. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Please remember this is a social competition and a family environment.
  3. RESPECT THE REFEREE:  referees for matches in the U6 up to U11 age group mostly consist of junior referees.  These junior referees have a lot of playing experience and have attended training specifically for small-sided games.  Much like in Winter football, where parents volunteer to referee games in this age group, we expect the utmost respect for all decisions made by the referees.  Under no circumstances should a player, manager, parent or spectator approach or abuse the referee.  If feedback is to be given, please ensure you approach the Technical Director or Official Desk at all times.
  4. Any disputes must be reported in the first instance to summerfootball@fkfc.com.au.
  5. Please ensure you have read all the playing rules.  Of particular note is the restriction from slide tackling and the rules around Borrowed Players.
  6. Sin bins (up to 5 minutes off the field at the referee’s discretion) apply to age groups U15 to O35. The purpose of a sin bin is to provide a softer option than a red card. It is used in place of a 2nd yellow card, which normally would result in a send-off and automatic 1 match ban (or longer depending on the severity of the offence). An extra player is not allowed to replace any player who has been sin binned, however substitutions can still be made for all other players during the time of the sin bin.