Q: How many players in a team and how long are matches?
Game formats are consistent with Football NSW and Football Federation of Australia (FFA) regulations, as shown below.

Age GroupGame Length*Players on Field
U6 to U72 x 15 minute halves4 (no goalkeeper)
U8 to U142 x 15 minute halves6 (including goalkeeper)
U15 to O352 x 20 minute halves6 (including goalkeeper)
  •  We recommend having at least 2 subs in each team.  There is no limit as to the number of players in each team.
  • Half time is limited to a maximum of 3 minutes.

Q. What are the age group categories for teams?

U6 and U7 is a mixed competition – teams may consist of girls only, boys only or mixed (both boys and girls).

U8 and all age groups above may be girls/women, boys/men or mixed.  Please note however that mixed teams consisting of both male and female players for these age groups will have to play at the allocated times for the male/mixed games in that age group.

The AL and O35 competitions also extend to an AL Mixed (integrated with the AL Mens Comp) and an O35 Mixed Only competitions.

Q. Which age group should I be in?
The age group you play in will be the same as the age you will turn by the end of 2022. This is the same as the Winter competition. For example: U11’s are players turning 11 any time by the end of this year.

Please note players who do not turn 5 or older in 2022 are not allowed to play.

All players are allowed to “play up a level” up to 2 levels above their age group.  So for eg. U11s may play in the U11, U12 or U13 competition.  This allows friends to stay together in a team, or allows highly-skilled teams to face more challenging teams.

O35 players can also play in a team with AL players (all-age 19-34 years).  However AL players are not allowed to play in an O35 team.  U16s, U17s and U18s may also play in the AL age group.

Any exceptions to the rules above must be requested in writing to summerfootball@fkfc.com.au and are subject to exceptional circumstances.

Q. What age groups will play against each other?

Wherever possible, competitions are formed within a single age group.  However depending on the number of teams registering per age group, we may need to merge age groups together to form a viable competition.​

In the past where we have had smaller numbers of teams for an age group, we have merged WU8/9s, WU10/11s, WU12/13s, WU15/16s, U15/16s and U17/18/ALs for both Women and Men.  These decisions can only be made as we draw nearer to the closing of registrations.  In making this decision we also take into consideration the skill levels of the teams registered.  This skill level is provided to us by teams via a self-rating at TEAM registration time. There will be no merging of O35 and AL teams.

Q. How are teams formed?
Forest Summer Football is a social competition and is structured so that players form their own team amongst their friends, winter team mates, social and other sporting groups.

If you do not have a team to join (or cannot form your own team) we will have a brief online form for individual players to complete. This will be ready once Team Registrations are open. When we are able to find a team looking for an additional player, we will contact you to put you in direct contact with that team or other players in the same situation.

Please do not register individually until you are part of a team.