Useful resources for Referees
Pitch layout for U6 to U7 games (4:30pm on Mondays)
Pitch layout for U8 to O35 games (Mondays and Fridays)

Q: How do I become a referee in this competition?
If you are interested in being a referee in this competition, please contact Sigrid Mulherin at Manly Warringah Football Referees Association (MWFRA) at

If you are a junior unqualified referee (ie. with no MWFRA certification) you must be at least 13 years of age by the end of 2022 AND be in year 7 or above in 2022.

Please note: if you have already refereed in this competition as a junior, unqualified referee for 2 years or more, and you are not MWFRA-qualified, preference will be given to new, unqualified referees to enable new juniors to gain referee experience.

Q: How regularly will I be required to referee?
If you are a senior, qualified referee, you can expect to officiate 2 games once a week, or twice a week if you are available. There will also be the occasional additional game to referee due to absences.

If you are a junior referee, you will be required to officiate 2 (junior only) games every fortnight.  There will also be occasional additional games to referee due to absences.

If you are a junior MWFRA-qualified referee, you will be required to officiate 2 games every fortnight. There will often be occasional additional games to referee due to absences.

Q: Will I be provided with a Referee kit?
Yes, a Referee shirt will be provided and MUST be worn at all matches. (If you officiated in the 2022 competition, please re-use last year’s Referee shirt.) Black shorts are to be worn and can be provided if required. Soccer boots or enclosed sport shoes are compulsory.

Q: How will I record scores?
At the end of each game, all scores are recorded using Dribl (scoring system used in Winter competitions).  Scores are final once entered by the referee. Only the Competition Administrator may change scores after the referee entry.

Q: Will there be any training required?
Yes, for junior unqualified Referees there will be at least 2 training sessions with mentors which are compulsory to attend.  Qualified referee mentors will also be in attendance with hands-on advice at your first Summer Soccer matches. Training will also include instructions on how to use EMS.

If you are a junior referee and you do not hold any qualification, you are required to complete the Laws of the Game online certificate, a free training course by the Football Federation of Australia. An account will be required (please ensure the child’s name is entered, not the parent’s name) in order to complete this online course. Once the course is complete, please send a copy of the certificate to
Click on this link to commence the Laws of the Game online course.

If you previously completed this online course and sent through your certificate, there will be no need to do the course again.

There will be a brief information session for junior, qualified referees as well.