Forest Killarney Denied Again

They say lightning doesn’t strike the one spot twice but here we are.

Following the release of the NSW Government’s roadmap to the ending of lockdown, MWFA have decided to cancel the play-off final for a spot in the 2022 Men’s Premier League, after 12 games have been played.

The decision was made because we will not be in a position to return to full training by 2 October and hence the 13th and final AL/1 game (Forest Killarney v Manly Vale) and the AL1/PL playoff (Seaforth v Forest/Manly Vale) will not be able to both be played by the end of October with 3 weeks of training beforehand.

The initial decision of the MWFA Board to confirm one Club promoted to Premier League (Beacon Hill) and one Club relegated to AL1s (Manly Vale) after 12 games is now official (pending all clubs being formally invited).

This marks the second year in a row that COVID-19 has denied us the chance at being promoted, after last year our team finished 1st in AL/1s after playing 16 games, yet were not invited to be promoted after not completing a full season.

Whilst this is extremely disappointing for our member base and especially our boys who’ve put in so much time, effort, and emotion over the last 2 seasons, we know that next year in 2022 during the club’s 60th Anniversary, we will see Forest Killarney promoted to Premier League where they obviously deserve to be as shown by the last two years of results.

If you get the chance to come see any of their games next season, we implore you to take the opportunity, our boys greatly appreciate the support shown by our member base over the past two years.

#BleedGreen #ThirdTimesACharm #”COVID”