Forest Summer Football – Online Manager Registration

Your team must first be registered prior to registering as a MANAGER.  Please only proceed with these instructions if you have completed Team Registration.

If your team has been placed on a WAITING LIST only, please do not register as a MANAGER until you have received confirmation of entry into the competition.


1. Once team registration is complete and all individual players have registered, all players in the team are approved subject to availability in the competition for that age group due to a limited number of team spots.

2. Competitions require a minimum number of teams, so depending on the number of teams registered per age group, a competition may be formed with combined age groups (eg. WU8/9, U15/16, etc.).  However we will endeavour to ensure any combined age groups are close in age and skills.

For further details on the competition, visit our Forest Summer Football FAQ pages.



1. Go to the FKFC Registration page on the PlayFootball website and click on the Get Started button.
This is the same FFA Registration site that players would have used to register for the 2019 and 2020 Winter competition.

2. If you already have a Play Football account , simply sign in and proceed to step 3 below.  If you played or managed a team in the Winter 2021 season, make sure you sign in with this SAME ACCOUNT used for Winter.
(If you go straight to the PlayFootball site and login, bypassing the link above, you will be required to click on Start a Registration and then select Forest Killarney Football Club.)

If you DID NOT play or manage a team in any of the 2019 to 2021 Winter competitions, to register for Summer Football you must first create an account with PlayFootball.  Please read the important notes “Before you create an account” on the page displayed on the site and complete the account creation details to register an account.  After your account has been created, please proceed to step 3 below.

3. Once logged in, select the person you are registering in Summer Football and click Continue.

4. Select the product Summer Team Manager

5. Product Details will then be displayed with zero registration cost.

Team Preference – you MUST select the name of your team.
NOTE: Team names are listed alphabetically within an age group, U6-9 teams being listed first, followed by U10-17 teams, then Senior teams.
If your team name does not appear in the list, please contact  If the team was only just registered in the past few hours, the team name may not yet appear in the list.
Please wait another hour before trying again.

For Sub Role, choose OTHER as your role. Click Continue.

6. Update any Participant Details required.  These fields will be pre-filled for those who registered previously in the 2019 or 2020 Winter season.
Click Continue.

7. A Profile Photo is NOT REQUIRED for Summer Football.  Click Continue.

8. Working With Children details are required in this section.
This is only required if you manage a junior team in the age groups U6 up to and including U17.
i) If you have a current WWC accreditation number, select Yes and complete the information requested.
ii) If you have applied for WWC accreditation but do not have your number yet, select No and No to both questions, then enter your application number in the next field.
iii) If you are manager of a Senior team only, select No and then Yes to the exemption question, then select Interactions are with >18 yr olds only
Click Continue

9. A final chance to Review Your Order appears.  Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Continue.

10. Payment page: there is no payment required, just click on the Submit button.


Once ALL your team members have registered, and subject to availability in the competition for your team’s age group, you as team manager, on behalf of your team, will receive official notification of acceptance into the Forest Summer Football competition via email.

If you have any further queries regarding Forest Summer Football or registration please send an email to

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