Forest Summer Football – Online PLAYER Registration

You must be part of a team prior to registering as a PLAYER.  Please only proceed with these instructions if your team manager has registered you in their team as a player, and you know the team name.

If your team has been placed on a WAITING LIST only, please do not register as a PLAYER until your team manager has received confirmation to proceed with Player registration.



1. Go to the FKFC Registration page on the PlayFootball website and click on the Get Started button.
This is the same FFA Registration site that players would have used to register for the 2019 to 2021 Winter competitions.

2. If you already have a Play Football account , simply sign in and proceed to step 3 below.  If you played in the Winter 2021 season, make sure you sign in with this SAME ACCOUNT used for Winter to ensure the Insurance discount is applied.
(If you go straight to the PlayFootball site and login, bypassing the link above, you will be required to click on Start a Registration and then select Forest Killarney Football Club.)

If you DID NOT play in any of the 2019 to 2021 Winter competitions, to register for Summer Football you must first create an account with PlayFootball.  Parents should use their own email address to register their children.  Multiple children in the same family can then be registered by a parent on the SAME account.  Please read the important notes “Before you create an account” on the page displayed on the site and complete the account creation details to register an account.  After your account has been created and your family members have been linked to your new account, please proceed to step 3 below.

3. Once logged in, select the person you are registering in Summer Football and click Continue.

4. Select the product you wish to register for (Summer Player Senior, Summer Player Junior U10-17, or Summer Player Junior U6-9).

5. Product Details will then be displayed with the registration cost.
Insurance will automatically be deducted if you are a current player in the 2020 Winter season, otherwise the insurance costs will be included in the Football NSW fees.  Reduced fees for Early Bird registration will also be automatically applied.

Team Preference
you MUST select the name of your team.
If your team name does not appear in the list, please check the name of your team with your Team Manager once again.  If the team was only just registered in the past few hours, the team name may not yet appear in the list.

Check all details are correct before clicking Continue.

6. Update any Participant Details required.  These fields will be pre-filled for those who have already registered previously.
Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *.  Click Continue when complete.

7. A Profile Photo is NOT REQUIRED for Summer Football.  Click Continue.

8. A final chance to Review Your Order appears.  Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Continue.

9. Payment page: if you are using an Active Kids voucher towards your registration, please ensure the details are entered in the Vouchers/Coupons section (as shown below).
Please note that ONLY ONE Active Kids voucher may be used per player registration.

Enter Credit Card details and click Pay Now.  (A “CAPTCHA” security image will be displayed asking you to verify the payment.  If the image does not appear and instead a “?” appears, repeatedly click the PAY button until an image appears and enter the security code before your payment is processed.)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are claiming the family discount for 4+ family members registered in the competition, please register all family members and then click on the Submit and Pay Later button.  After all family members are registered, please send an email to to arrange separate payment including the discount.


Once ALL your team members have registered, and availability for your team’s age group has been confirmed, your team manager will then receive official notification of acceptance into the Forest Summer Football competition.

If you have any further queries regarding Forest Summer Football or registration please visit the FAQs pages or send an email to

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