Judicial Process

Infringements of the Laws of the Game by any Player or Team Official during a match are then adjudicated under the jurisdiction of the Manly Warringah Football Asscn. (MWFA); MWFA Constitution and By-Laws.

If you are given a red card by the Referee and sent from the field of play, the following is a general outline of the process undertaken and the requirements of the player.

Certain offences attract stipulated penalties for which Judiciary attendance may not be required. If so, you will be notified through the Club and will have the choice of accepting the penalty and the possibility of a one game deduction for non-appearance, or you can choose to appear before the Judiciary which may or may not achieve a favourable outcome.

If you are required to attend the Judiciary, you will be advised of the night of the hearing. Cases are heard at MWFA Clubhouse, Cromer Park on a first-in, first-served basis. A book is available from 6:30 pm in which to register your name, and cases are heard in that order. You are not permitted to play until your case has been heard and finalized and you have the right to have witnesses attend your hearing with you to help your case.

You have the right to appeal your Judiciary sentence, however an appeal will only be heard on the basis of the presentation of new evidence and notice of appeal plus an outline of the new evidence to be presented must be given in writing to the MWFA within 48 hours of the Judiciary hearing. The Club Committee will offer advice on how to conduct an appeal, however payment of the Appeal Fee and carrying out the appeal is the responsibility of the player concerned. Further appeals can be directed through Football NSW, again at the expense of the player.

The MWFA will advise when the card will be available following serving of any Judiciary sentence imposed and collection of the card is again the responsibility of the player involved. Any enquiries you wish to direct to the MWFA MUST be directed through the Club Secretary or Competition Secretary.