Player Registration

PLAYER Registration is now OPEN

You must be part of a registered team prior to registering as a PLAYER.  Please only proceed with these instructions if your team manager has registered you in their team as a player and you know the name of your team.


  1. Please have your Active Kids voucher ready to use if redeeming for this competition.
    Click here to apply for the voucher if you haven’t done so already. (Only ONE Active Kids voucher may be used for Forest Summer Football. You can use the first voucher available from January 2020, or the 2nd voucher available from July 2020.)

  2. If you played in the Winter 2020 season, please ensure the SAME “Play Football” account used to register to Winter club football is used when registering to Summer football. This will ensure you are charged the reduced rate (ie. insurance will not be charged to your registration as Winter insurance carries over to the Summer season).
    If you do not know your PlayFootball account details, please call the Football NSW Online Services team on (02) 8814 4450 for assistance to find your account.

  3. Please ensure you have read all details on the competition on the Forest Summer Football FAQ pages including possible Age Group merging and Match Information.

  4. Once all individual players in a team have registered, all players in the team are approved subject to availability in the competition for that age group due to a limited number of team spots.

Click here to complete PLAYER REGISTRATION

If you are not familiar with the Play Football registration site (used in Winter) here is a guide providing Step-By-Step instructions.