Online registrations are now open for 2022!

All player registration is done online using PlayFootball which is a website facility provided and managed by Football Federation Australia (FFA). Information on using the PlayFootball website can be found below.

Please follow the links below to understand how the registering process is formatted.

Registration Help –  Player (including linking family members to a single registration).
Registration Help – Registering with FKFC

Please note when registering, some pages may look different to the guides above. The process is the same, PlayFootball have added some graphic changes.


Important Notices

If you did not play within MWFA in 2021 or if you are aged 10+ and have never registered to play football before: Please complete and sign the MWFA Application to register form, have it witnessed and then email back to our club registrar

PlayFootball Accounts: You will need to create a Playfootball account if you have not registered yourself or on behalf of someone else prior to 2021

Juniors Grading Registration is OPEN with grading to start February 7. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Active Kids Voucher:

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

The Active Kids program provides two $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of school-enrolled children to use towards sport and active recreation costs each year. Voucher 1 is valid January to December and Voucher 2 is valid July to December. Visit the Service NSW website, login to your account and click the “Apply Online”, to obtain your code, which can be entered into the MyFootballClub portal when parent registers their child and receive $100 off your children’s registration.

Claim the AKV before registering.


Age Group Guidelines
Fees and Discounts

For the FKFC Winter 2022 Fees and Discount informtation, please CLICK HERE

*Prices do not include a pair of socks or shorts*

  • Returning players can reuse their 2021 kit.
  • New players can purchase socks for $10 and shorts for $20.

Sibling Discounts
FKFC offers discounts to siblings that also join with the club. So after the registering of the first child who will pay full price, each respective child registered to the club on the same Play Football account can receive this discount as stated below.  The Parent/Guardian has to register all the siblings on the same account and as shown below:

First PlayerFull Fee
Second Player$20 Off
Third Player$30 Off
Fourth (and above) player$50 Off

Dual registration W8 – W18

Dual registration applies to girls who wish to register in both a Saturday mixed team and a Sunday Ladies competition.

To dual register players must first register for the Saturday Mixed competition as your primary registration.

  • When you reach the payment section, select Purchase Additional Items option to select the required dual-registration package (depending on the age group of the girls team you are joining).
  • Please contact the Club Registrar, John O’Neill at with any questions
FKFC Additional Requirements

Please CLICK HERE for Mandatory Paperwork Per Age Group to be submitted and approved before player can take the field.

Also fill out the following forms in our Document Library

-MWFA Application to register form,

-MWFA Playing above Age consent Form

-MWFA Statutory Declaration Birth date from


International Transfers

Junior and Youth Players – Junior and Youth players (U/10 to U/18 age groups) who last played overseas (even if not for an associated competition) must also complete an International Transfer Application applicable to their current status (please see below).  When registering online you must state that you last played overseas and provide the required details. Also ensure that you completely and correctly fill in the MWFA Application to Register questions. As well, please contact the registrar () immediately after registration for ensure you have completed the correct forms. Failure to provide any details at registration time will delay your registration. Applications for junior and youth international transfers can sometimes take months to be approved so please contact the registrar asap. DO NOT pay  on-line registration until the International Transfer has been approved. Please see below for all requirements for junior and youth players wanting to apply for an international transfer:

Senior Amateur Players – Senior players who last played overseas (even if not for an associated competition) need to complete an International Transfer Application. When registering online you must state that you last played overseas and provide the required details. Also ensure that you completely and correctly fill in the MWFA Application to Registration questions. Failure to provide these details at registration time will delay your registration. A completed MWFA Application to Register, an International Transfer Application and a copy of your passport must be forwarded to the registrar () in order for the International Transfer Application to be forwarded to the FFA. Please note that these applications can sometimes take many weeks for approval to be given so please forward all necessary documentation asap.

An ITC request is triggered during the PlayFootball self-registration process, which requires the player to respond truthfully to the following questions: (a) Was the player’s last registration to play football in another country? (b) In which country (other than AUSTRALIA) did the player last register? (c) With which Club did the player last register in [NAME OF COUNTRY IN (b)]? (d) In which year did the player last register in [NAME OF COUNTRY IN (b)]?

If the player answers “yes” to question (a) their registration status switches to ‘Pending ITC”. It is then the responsibility of the Club Registrar to find that player in the “Approve Registrations” tab of their MyFootballClub administration portal, review the information entered on that player’s MyFootballClub record, and either: (a) click the “Request ITC” button, if the information is correct; or (b) if the information is incorrect or incomplete (for example, “blanks” or listing “Australia” as their last registration) contact the player and ask them to amend these details so that the Club may then click the “Request ITC” button.  

Once “Request ITC” is selected, it will appear as “Requested by Club”. The player’s data is then sent to FFA so that they may request an ITC. FFA will update PlayFootball with the date the ITC was requested from the player’s former national association. FFA cannot register a player unless and until: (a) the ITC is received; or (b) no response has been received from the National Association within 30 days from the date FFA sends the ITC request. As a guiding principle, Clubs should allow 35 days from the date the ITC is requested by selecting “Request ITC” on MyFootballClub. However, during peak periods this timeframe may vary. 

If the player is transferring from the national association of one of the following countries, they (or the Club on the player’s behalf) are advised send the Member Federation a scan of the player’s passport:

Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Suriname, Uruguay or Venezuela. 

Whilst it is not mandatory to provide a copy of the player’s passport, it is strongly encouraged to assist in expediting the process.  

If the player is transferring from the United States, the Club (on the player’s behalf) are advised to send the Member Federation the following additional details:

  • The name of the player’s former club in the United States;
  • The location of the player’s former club in the United States – city and state; and
  • The player’s last state of residence in the United States.

Players should contact their Club regarding ITC-related queries. Players (and parents or representatives of players) should not contact FFA directly – this will only delay the proces1