1. There is no offside
  2. There are no corners awarded in U6 and U7 matches.  There are no dedicated goalkeepers in U6 and U7 matches.
  3. Slide tackling is prohibited.  A free kick will be awarded to the opposing team for any slide tackle.  Repeated warnings from referees regarding slide tackling will result in a sin bin of up to 5 minutes.
  4. There are no throw-ins.  If a ball goes over the sideline, play is resumed by a kick-in at the point the ball crossed the sideline.  When kicked the ball must be stationary and behind the sideline.  A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick-in. 
  5. With the exception of penalty kicks and corner kicks, all free kicks and restarts are indirect (ie. a goal cannot be scored directly from a free kick or restart.)  The ball must first be touched by another player in the same team (even if just deflected) before a goal is scored.  The minimum distance an opposing player may be from the ball in a free kick and restart situation is 3 metres.
  6. Penalties are to be taken from a spot 7 metres out and in line with the middle of the goal as measured by the referee.  Goalkeepers cannot be changed immediately after a penalty or free kick has been awarded (unless injured).
  7. There is an unlimited interchange of players that can only be done when the ball is out of play.  Interchanges are to take place at the half way mark and the player leaving the field must do so before the replacement player enters the field.
  8. The timing of games is governed by a buzzer. All play commences and ceases with the buzzer.
    • The only exception is if a penalty is awarded during the timing of the game, in which case the penalty can be taken after the buzzer signifying the start or end of half- or full-time.  Any further play beyond the penalty kick, including rebounds, is prohibited.
    • Goals are only scored if they occur during game time before the start of the half- or full-time buzzer.