Q: When do registrations open?
TEAM Registrations have opened.
Start forming your team now so that team registration can be completed as soon as possible, as positions in the competition do fill up very fast.
Click here to register your team.

Q: What are the steps to register for Summer soccer?
1. The Team Manager completes Team Registration.  This step is free and should be done as early as possible as positions in the competition do fill up very fast.
2. Once the Team Manager receives confirmation from the Event Organiser, each PLAYER must complete individual player registration and payment (using Active Kids vouchers where applicable).
3. Once all players have registered AND a team spot has been confirmed for your age group, an email is sent to the Team Manager confirming the Team’s position in the competition.

Q: What information is required to register a team?
A Team Manager will need to register a team with the following information:​

  1. Team name
  2. Age group and category (boys/mixed, girls, women, men)
  3. Full name of each player and their shirt size

When selecting a shirt size, please use the following table for accurate selection:

Youth XXS (4-5)43cm37cm
Youth XS (6-7)51cm37cm
Youth S (8)55cm40cm
Youth M (10-12)60cm43cm
Youth L (14-16)63cm43cm
ADULT Women S63cm44cm
ADULT Women M65cm46cm
ADULT Women L67cm50cm
ADULT Women XL70cm54cm
ADULT Men S66cm49cm
ADULT Men M70cm51cm
ADULT Men L72cm55cm
ADULT Men XL77cm57cm
ADULT Men XXL80cm60cm

Please note how the Length and Chest Width of shirts have been measured in the image below. Chest Width is the measurement across the shirt as it would be laid flat on the floor, not the full circumference of chest measurement.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Shirt-Measurement.png

Q: How much is registration and am I insured as a player?
TEAM Registration is free and should be done as early as possible.

PLAYER Registration
All players in the Forest Summer Football competition must be insured.  If you played soccer in the current 2020 Winter season with any club (affiliated with Football NSW) you will already be insured, so your fee in the table below will be “WITH Winter Registration”.

If you did not play in the current 2020 Winter season, your fee in the table below will be “NO Winter Registration”, the additional cost ensuring you become insured once registered.

  • All costs include a Summer Soccer kit – shirt, shorts and socks.
  • The $100 Active Kids voucher can be applied to the Junior player fees below to reduce registration. Apply here for the Active Kids voucher.
  • There is a discount for families who have 4 or more players registered in the competition. The YOUNGEST family member plays for free. Please email before completing PLAYER registration with the names and age groups of your 4 or more family members registering in the competition.
  • If you wish to play in more than 1 team (for eg, a girls/ladies team as well as a mixed team) the cost for the 2nd registration is only $40. Please email if registering for a 2nd team.
Age GroupU6 - U9U10 - U17Senior Players
Cost - WITH Winter Registration
$165 $175 $195
Cost - NO Winter Registration
$172 $182 $209
Cost - WITH Winter Registration
AFTER 14th SEP 2020
$175 $185 $205
Cost - NO Winter Registration
AFTER 14th SEP 2020
$182 $192 $219