Q: Will all players receive shirts?
Yes a team shirt will be provided to all registered players. Black shorts and socks can be purchased separately.

At the end of the 2018/19 competition, an initiative to recycle the Summer Football shirts was introduced.  This initiative is the result of a large amount of feedback from participants in both the Summer and Winter seasons who have expressed concerns over the amount of Football kits that are used for one season only and end up sitting in wardrobes, inevitably ending up as landfill.  The plan going forward is to now collect shirts at the end of every season, firstly recycle as much as we possibly can, and then donate anything we possibly can to developing countries or those in need.  Importantly we are looking to have a positive impact on the environment.

Q: What are the shirt sizes?
At TEAM registration time, your manager will collect your shirt size to submit on the Team registration form. Shirt sizes are:
YOUTH – sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
ADULT – sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Q: What are the short and socks sizes?
Black Shorts and black socks are not included in the kit this year. These can be ordered through the club. Shorts ($20), socks ($10). Most returning players use their shorts and socks from previous years. Please note FKFC winter shorts are acceptable to wear.  Your manager can order shorts and/or socks during the team registration process, or you can purchase at a later date.

YXS (size 6)Kids 12 - 2
YS (size 8)Kids 3 - 6
YM (size 10-12)ADULT 7 - 9
YL (Size 14-16)ADULT 10 - 13

Q: Does our team need to wear the Summer Football kit for all matches?
Yes.  All teams in your age group will be issued a different coloured top to identify teams so please ensure all team members wear their kit to all matches.  This also aids in identifying any players who may not be registered.

Where there are teams with similar colours, bibs will be available on match nights to borrow for your game.  Please return all bibs to the Bib Collection bins after your match.

Q: Will Summer Soccer fees be adjusted to reflect the return of kits?
Without the return of kits to help us reduce the increasing cost to run Summer Soccer, registration fees would increase each year.  However with the return of partial kits, we are able to keep costs down each year in this area and as a result keep registration fees at a reasonable level.

Q: Will players need to wear soccer boots and shin pads?
Shin pads are compulsory for all matches to prevent injury.  Referees will enforce this rule and request players to move off the pitch if shin pads are not worn.
Soccer boots are highly recommended, however metal studs are not allowed.

Q: When will our team receive their kit?
Team managers will be requested to collect kits on behalf of their team from the FKFC clubhouse (Melwood Oval) prior to the start of the competition.  Kit Collection Times will be published in late September.  A team representative may also collect on behalf of a Team Manager.

Q: What sizes will each team receive?
Shirt sizes will be requested for each team player at the time of registration.  This should reduce the need to swap shirts. 

Shorts and sock can will be requested at time of registration (if required). Shorts ($20) and Socks ($10) can be collected once payment is received.  

Teams that register by the Early Bird cutoff date will receive kits in the size they ordered.

Q: What if we need to swap kit sizes?
As shirt sizes are requested at the time of Team registration, generally shirts may not be available to swap. Please keep this in mind when indicating your shirt size to your Team Manager.
Shorts and socks will generally be available to swap. Dates prior to the competition start will be published to enable short and sock swapping, however individual players can also do this on the first night of the competition if absolutely necessary.