Q. Does every team need a Team Manager?
Yes, and all team managers must be 18 years of age or above. The role can be shared between 2 adults if required.

If you are managing a Junior team (U6 up U17) you must have a Working With Children certificate (WWC). These can be obtained (or renewed) for free from the NSW Government’s Office of the Children’s Guardian website here:

Q. What are the responsibilities of a Team Manager?

  • Complete Team Registration (before any player registers individually)
  • Pass on communications to your team from the Event Manager or Technical Director via email or text message. This is a particularly important point as many communications will be passed on to Team Managers throughout the competition.
  • Notify the Competition Administrator if the team needs to forfeit their match.  This should be done at least 1 day before match day to allow the Competition Administrator to organise a friendly game for the opposing team where feasible.
  • Co-ordinate substitutions for each match to ensure that players have equal time on the field.  This role can easily be shared amongst the parents, or for older teams this is often co-ordinated between the players themselves.
  • Co-ordinate (or delegate) kit collection before the start of the competition and shirt returns at the end of the competition
  • Find “borrowed players” when the team is short on players. Please ensure the rules on Borrowed Players are strictly adhered to.

Q. Do I need to complete Team Manager registration?
Yes, however you will be contacted when Manager registration opens. This will be at the same time when Player registration opens. Team Manager registration is free.

  • If you are team manager for more than 1 team, only ONE registration is required as Team Manager. Please select the youngest team when registering.
  • If you are playing in a team over U18’s and are a player as well as well as a Manager, you do not need to complete the the Team Manager registration.

Q. Is the Team Manager also responsible for coaching the team, or arranging training?
No.  It is more common for teams in Summer Soccer to NOT have a coach or to attend any formal training.  Training is not required as this is a social competition and not as competitive as the Winter competition. The competition allows players to continue playing in the off-season, and also allows new players to try Soccer in a social environment.

There are further details under the FAQ’s sub-menu on Team Information which are also usually co-ordinated by the Team Manager, such as adding/changing players in the team and enlisting “borrowed players”.