The reckoning of CC STRIKERS

FKFC v CC | May 8 St Matthews Farm

3-0 (Matteo, Aidan, Oscar)

The Lucky & Peps U13/1A boys fresh off a resounding win at Melwood the week before, travelled to St Matthews Farm to play CC Strikers. An area with a rich history, which was once used in the early 1930’s for training young unemployed boys and men. Reverend Arthur Ebbs from St Matthews Church was instrumental in shaping the future of these young men.

A highly anticipated clash resulted in the boys playing some quality football. Forest managed to dominate possession and play to their strengths. A scintillating left foot top corner finish from Matteo after two minutes was the ideal start to take the wind out of the oppositions sails. Half Time 1-0 FKFC. Second half saw more dominance from Forest with some strong defending and confident keeping from Sammy to keep our clean sheet in tack.

A beautiful cross from Donnie and a header from Aidan had the boys up 2-0. Finally a nice third goal from new recruit Oscar and the FKFC boys leave the Farm 3-0 winners.   

Thanks again to all the parents and supporters for cheering on this wonderful bunch of boys.

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