WAL1 Round 8 Match Review

FKFC v CC Strikers | Round 8 | Melwood

2-0 (Andrews, Ramsay)

This past Sunday, the WAL1s took on CC Strikers A team, a much anticipated game since their narrow loss to penalty shootouts last season in the grand finals. Simone Conly and left winger Madeleine Batkin-Walkerden created dangerous opportunities for CC’s defence straight off the bat, finding their way into the box within the first 30 seconds of the whistle being blown.

The score remained at a 0-0 deadlock until striker duo Jade Andrews-Little and Amy Ross-Hodges took the field in force navigating the middle of the field. A swift cut-back to the penalty spot by Amy had Jade tap the ball into the bottom left corner of the goal with ease and had FKFC 1-0 up before half time.

CC Strikers came back strong and heavy on attack for the second half but goalkeeper Hayley Austin was a force to be reckoned with, saving every shot on goal. CC’s wide-field play was no match for left and right backs, Rachael Brian and Sai van Wegan, flawlessly intercepting plays and creating easy opportunities to get the ball back to the middle of the field for holding midfielder Kelsey Hocking who opened the play once again for wingers Lani Colling and Chloe Dejean.

Amy once again showed her vision is one of pure excellence. After facing defensive troubles in the penalty box, she cleared the ball outside the box to Lizzie Ramsay who delivered with a flawless overhead ball, out of reach of any interception and hitting the top right corner of the goal bringing FKFC to a safe 2-0.

The rest of the game saw CC Strikers force forward with excellent attacking plays, however under the guidance of centre back duo Renee Hough and Beth Teather, FKFC were able to secure the 2-0 win.

The WAL1s will next play at Nolan Reserve at 3pm against Harbord FC on the 13th of June. Thankyou to CC Strikers for a great game, and to Danny and Armando Panetta for their winning-quality coaching.